Baby White 3 Packs (3 months supply)

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Country of Origin: Japan
Key Ingredients : Red Orange Complex, Iron, Folic Acid, Yeast extract with Cysteine Peptide , Vitamin A, C & E
Quantity : 3 Packs (3 months supply)

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4 reviews for Baby White 3 Packs (3 months supply)

  1. Elina1317

    This is the only UV treatment that even a lazy person like me insists on using.
    Plus, this little supplement offers anti-aging care, beauty skincare, iron supplements, and more, making it perfect for women.
    So, instead of buying various supplements individually, this product is a great value for money!
    I’ve been using sunscreen for outdoor activities since I was a student.
    The more effective the product is, the more it will stain the eyes, sticky, and have a unique smell.
    Even taking it off will be very painful, so now I don’t even want to apply sunscreen.
    Now, I support my son’s baseball game with Baby White and an easy-to-use spray-on sunscreen.
    Previously, when I use sunscreen, I often didn’t wash it off completely, which caused my skin to be rough and hazy.
    Since taking Baby White, my skin and my complexion has improved!
    I truly recommend it!

  2. Natsuno Meshi

    UV rays are unavoidable in the days spent with kids. BabyWhite is a supplement you can consume fast for busy mums.
    What pleases me about this product is that it is easy to consume. I take 2 capsules every morning immediately after waking up with warm water.
    In my teens and early twenties, I was ashamed that I didn’t make it a habit to wear sunscreen.
    Taking this supplement on a daily basis has changed my perception of not only inner care but also outer care, which is a big change.
    The real feeling after starting to take BabyWhite is: “I feel good!”
    Even though I had a few skin problems originally, it feels good! Better than usual! My complexion is brightened! I am very excited! Also, after taking it for a long time, I feel that the speed of skin darkening due to sunburn is much slower than before taking it.
    My friend who saw my recommendation also secretly bought and took it, contacted me and said that he also felt the effect and thanked me for my recommendation.
    I only recommend products that I think are really good, and I am really happy that my recommendation has been validated by my friends.
    I will continue to buy this product recurringly for my continuous personal care.”

    𝙽𝚊𝚝𝚜𝚞𝚗𝚘. / 男の子ママ ♫ (@___natsuno___) • Instagram photos and videos

  3. Lily Sasion

    I have been using external sunscreen and whitening care for a long time, and suddenly became interested in trying out oral sunscreen and whitening care.
    I tried using similar products, but they were expensive and ended up being a one-off purchase. At last, I met Baby White.
    I can truly feel the effect and I can also understand the creator’s thoughts from the booklet. I can therefore trust it with a peace of mind.
    Plus, being able to purchase and use it at a reasonable price is the decisive factor to continue!
    I take it with warm water every morning, and I love it with the desire to become more beautiful.
    I recommend it when my friends compliment my skin or when they ask me about my skin care, and I also occasionally feature it on Instagram.

  4. mami._.1230


    嚴肅的報導一下,這是沒有任何顏色處理的 iPhone 拍攝的照片。
    但是觸感完全不一樣 ← 我自己能感受的到

    服用@renaterra_official 的富含維生素和鐵等美容成分的UV護理(care) 補充劑。

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