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Country of Origin: Australia
Wine Category: Botanical Infused Purple Wine
Alcohol Statement: 7.0 % ALC/VOL
Variety: Chardonnay, Riesling, Colombard

$ 45.00



  1. Elizabeth Tan

    The PERFECT alcohol for my Hen’s Night that was organized recently! All my gal friends loved it! So elegant and instagramable! It was as much a delight for our photo moments as it was to enjoy! Would definitely order for parties to come.

  2. Jane Doe

    In addition to its captivating appearance, this wine truly delights the palate. It exhibits a hint of floral undertone and a touch of minerals with a perfect balance of natural acidity and freshness complemented by a crisp dry finish.

  3. Poh

    Most interesting infusion

    Violet Infused Bubbly

    Can’t wait to taste it.

  4. Dominique

    Lovely wine! Nice colour, balance of sweetness and acidity. Thumbs Up!

  5. Low Wai Chung

    Eugene’s Violet 7 Wine (Mon18Dec2023)

    It’s always a privilege bumping into fellow Josephians. Today, I was delighted to have chanced upon Eugene Reuel Tan, the tallest member of SJI’s Class of 1996, who’s now an entrepreneur.

    Among his numerous business interests is Violet 7 Wine ( As gorgeous as it’s delicious, the flowers on the label are light in colour at room temperature, and their tone deepens when properly chilled, an effortless way to tell when the wine is ready to be consumed at its very best.

    Eugene, I wish you every happiness and success in all that you do! Pay him a visit at Peace Centre, beside #01-14, at weekends.

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